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Do you want to learn how to cook?
Cooking class will help you become a professional.

Welcome To Geeta Naik Cooking Classes - The Best Cooking Classes in Thane

  • Renowned “Geeta Naik Cooking & Baking Classes”, a full-time Cookery Class in Thane run by Geeta Naik since 1993, designed for those who wish to launch a career in Food & Catering Industry.
  • We offer comprehensive professional training that will ensure a rounded knowledge of various Indian, Chinese & Italian Cuisines along with a clear sense of current industry trends and culinary styles, menu planning, and budgeting.
  • The knowledge you gain at Geeta Naik Cooking & Baking Classes lasts a lifetime because of the sustainable teaching methods that we use and notes provided for a lifetime. At our Cooking & Culinary Class.
vast teaching experience

Rich experience in teaching since 1993.

felicitated by Thane Municipal Corporation

We are very proud to have been felicitated by Thane Municipal Corporation on the precious occasion of "International Women's Day"( 8th March 2017 ) for our success as an entrepreneur in the field of Cooking & Baking Class and for our humble contribution to the society for creating many successful women entrepreneurs Since 1993.

Created Chefs

Trained more than 5000 students and still counting.

Our Cooking Courses

“No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” So learn and discover the language of cooking and elevate your culinary skills to higher levels.
Join our 1-day cookery courses, evening courses, short courses and weekend courses.

Punjabi Dishes

Punjabi Cuisine is very popular as it has a variety of Gravies, Pulav, Dal, Roti /Nan /Kulcha. You can say it’s comfort food for all Indians.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Instant Mixes - 1

Instant Mixes Powders can be prepared easily & stored in fridge & can be used readily for making quick breakfast , sweet dishes & many more dishes.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-


A Sandwich is a food typically consisting of Vegetables /chicken /fish /meat, sliced or grated cheese, placed on or between slices of bread.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Healthy Cakes

Learn a completely guilt-free cake-baking course. You will build new skills that are necessary for a healthier lifestyle.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Veg Frozen Starters

A wide variety of frozen veg snacks like Cheese Ball, Veg Strips, Potato Smiley, Crispy Corn Kabab and many more.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Non-Veg Biryanis

Learn how to make this authentic Non-Veg Biryani recipes, a Chicken dish dum cooked and packed full of your favorite rice, & spices.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Non-Veg Moglai Gravies

Enjoy learning Non-Veg Moglai Chicken Gravy, which covers 7 best dishes and varies from extremely mild to spicy, at the Geeta Naik Cooking Classes

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Dhokla Varieties

It’s a mouth-watering, nutritious, and irresistible Gujarati snack; that’s perfect as breakfast and even better as a snack.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Home Made Masale

This course is all about the Indian Masala Powders which decide the taste of many Indian recipes. This course helps you to make a high quality Indian Masale.

Price – ₹2000   ₹999/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Our instructor Geeta Naik takes the class in Marathi language, however the notes and courses are provided in Marathi and English both.

All days of the week and special weekend batches on Saturday and Sunday for working people between 2 to 6pm.

We typically have upto 3 to 10 people per class. Some classes may have higher attendance.

Yes, once you enroll for the course the recipe video and course will be available to you for a lifetime.

We do not offer in-home service. All our classes are on the website and physical sessions are held at our class in Thane click here for address.

We teach Microwave Cooking, Cakes, Bread Biscuits with regional cuisines like Punjabi, Chinese, Italian & more. 

Yes definitely, all of Geeta Naik’s recipes are made as infallible as possible: So they’re perfect and easy for you to make at home yourself.

We teach on demonstration basis as we believe that if everybody gets involved in working on the same dish will end up into a chaos. We get you involved theoretically to understand the process thoroughly.  

Not at all. We’re here to teach, and students of any skill level are welcome. If you’re new to cooking, we suggest you ask your instructor plenty of questions; sometimes people are shy about asking questions, and that really is one of the best ways to learn.

Yes, Geeta Naik will resolve all your doubts during and after the class. You can also get further assistance on WhatsApp for easy communication and doubt solving.

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