Part of picking up a new or old sport to play with others is this element of social risk. At times, it seems far easier to just sit inside and watch TV. It’s far less scary than going outside and risking being horrible at something and getting made fun of. While that’s true, gathering the courage to plunge into a sport you’ve never played before is a big “step” in stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Tourist attractions provide all kinds of opportunities for fun, especially if you’re experiencing them for the first time. Browse thelocal museums, and look for little-known museums off the beaten path.

Golden Ticket Sports Centre Buzzing with Activity in 2021 – –

Golden Ticket Sports Centre Buzzing with Activity in 2021 –

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After doing some polling, they told me that they play sports because it essentially forces them to interact with other people. They end up having tons of fun and continue going because they like these people. Without their weekly sporting event, though, they probably would stick to their small circle of work and childhood friends, and never experience new people in their lives. To an introvert in early recovery, a pickup basketball or baseball game could be the key to opening up to someone about how they’re really feeling deep down. You never really know who’s going to end up being in your support group until they’re already there.

Here Are 5 Sober Activities That Have Positive Impacts

For some reason, tons of people in early recovery love these sports and they’re played all the time at rehabs and halfway houses. You can add your favorites to the list, but these are the most common ones that I’ve seen.

basketball sober activity

The easiest place to find community is at a recovery-focused meeting. Go to a meeting and listen to others share their experience. There is little more comforting than being with a group of people who listen to your story and nod in understanding. Have A Picnic –What better way to enjoy quality time with a friend or partner than by spending it with a glass of sparkling apple cider, two sandwiches and a sunset over the mountains? Whether in a nearby park or your backyard, eating outdoors can be an experience you’ll both remember.

A Great Foundation For An Incredible Life In Sobriety

Filling your days with fun and healthy activities will make your life more fulfilling and rewarding. It will also help you stay on the road to recovery. Also, if you are looking for guidance, you may want to attend individual therapy. A therapist can assist you in setting realistic goals and creating plans that can help you achieve those goals. Finding alternative, healthier methods of thrill-seeking.

basketball sober activity

Attending public, outdoor sporting events by yourself is a great way to find them. Turnbridge operates leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs throughout Connecticut. This blog is a resource for people seeking addiction and mental health recovery information Sobriety and inspiration, and the latest Turnbridge news and events. There are dozens of benefits to participating in sports and easy ways to get involved at any age. Take advantage of sports and sobriety to enhance your health, build skills, meet new friends and increase motivation.


Sports can help to build a common culture, encourage time outdoors and teach valuable lessons of teamwork, humility and drive. And let’s not forget, sports are just plain old fun. In many ways, Isaac Goldberg Volkmar was an all too classic example of those coping with addiction. Isaac always struggled to fit in, and like far too many people, he eventually turned to drugs and alcohol to get through the day. Staying sober, however, was a constant battle for Isaac, one which he tragically lost.

Physical benefits include improved cardiovascular performance, better muscle tone, reduced fat and increased flexibility. Mental health benefits include lower stress levels, decreased anxiety and higher self-esteem. The response to these events has been incredibly positive, and one client was even offered a scholarship for jewelry making at the 92 St Y after one of our classes. BIGVision looks forward to the future events which will include a bowling tournament, a cooking class, rock climbing, a scavenger hunt, and a knitting class.

There are thousands of people who have fallen deep into drug addiction and managed to find sobriety, whether it was by going to rehab, attending 12-step meetings, therapy or religion. All of these strategies are viable, but what helps me stay sober after all of this time more than anything is sports. Competing, exercising, yelling and genuine friendships all help me to clear my mind after a long day or work week. Most rehab treatment facilities do not have exercise equipment or any recreational activity. I understand the idea of rehab is for the addict to focus on themselves, but having an outlet for physical activity could be beneficial for many addicts seeking sobriety. Some people do not know about the benefits of exercise and competition. If rehab treatment facilities implemented more sports programs, this would open new positive outlets for addicts who need tools to stay sober.

What It Feels Like To Be Drunk

Sign up for a class — There are plenty of adult education classes available. Further your education and start to work on a degree or certificate.

Identifying some of your strengths as well as what you enjoy doing can help you find the best hobbies or activities for you. For example, if you have a good sense of humor and like to laugh, you might consider participating in a local improvisation group or doing stand-up comedy. You can make new friends and do something that you enjoy.

Sober Things To Do For Fun This Weekend

The first house provides an appetizer, the second one looks after the salad, the third house serves the main course and the fourth house offers dessert. At the last house, everyone enjoys a movie or game night. This phase in your life is a new one for you, a time when you will be trying some new things to see what will work for you.

Some people who like to read tend to stick with the same authors and read the same series of books all the time. If the library has a table of featured books being promoted, pick up one of them that looks interesting and take it home.

basketball sober activity

Being held accountable by a trusted friend will keep you on track and sober. One of the saddest parts of addiction is the loss of self. While you’re active in your addiction, you likely have only one interest.

It can be helpful to set goals to help keep you busy and give you something to work toward each day. Your goals shouldn’t be too difficult or too easy to achieve. You might also consider talking to your primary care physician to determine if a referral to a nutritionist would be helpful. If you have specific health issues, such as diabetes, then your doctor might recommend a customized meal plan from a nutritionist. While you’re at it, consider whether you can eat better as well.

By changing the focus from drugs to living, life is so much more fun. You might find that you love to golf, or you might find that you hate it. With each new activity that you try, you’ll start to learn the things you enjoy doing, and you’ll likely begin to form friendships with those who want to engage in similar activities. And one day, you’ll find yourself out having fun and wonder halfway house vs sober house what it was about using that you thought was so great. Recovery is about tearing yourself down to allow for rebuilding. A huge part of that is finding out who you are without drugs or alcohol. Finding sober activities that allow you to connect with yourself and others is a great way to explore the new you while offering healthy distractions from thoughts of drugs or alcohol.

My Experience Here At Silvermist Was A Lifesaving Opportunity And Blessing

Sober Nation strives to give the suffering addict all the resources they need to get sober and to support the recovering addict along their path. At Silvermist we are committed to being available for you or your family member day or night, you can call us 24/7. At Silvermist Recovery Center, you can experience one on one care and a customized treatment plan. I owe so much gratitude for the way they loved me when I was not ready to love myself. The WVHS Sober Grad Committee would like to solicit your support.

How often does a social night out get in the way of your grounding routines? If you’re an introvert like me, a couple hours in on a weekend evening can really help recharge you and reset you on the path towards your goals. Give one of your friends an afternoon/evening without their kids. You’ll be helping an adult, building a relationship with children who need mentors and using the opportunity to see the world through their eyes. You have so much to offer, so contribute to your community by volunteering. Work with an animal shelter or foster organization.

  • A high level ofself-care is essential for continued recovery.
  • When entering the beginning stages of recovery, there can be a lot of empty time that must be filled.
  • Another really common activity that you’ll see in 12-step groups is that people will go eat after the meeting, usually in a large group.
  • The staff will be too busy working to wonder about a guest sitting alone.

Though using adult coloring books is not art therapy, it can help you relax, reduce stress and boost mental clarity. Be one of those donors and join in giving hope to those affected by substance abuse. Support groups and recovery meetings are great places to meet like-minded people who are also looking for fun, sober activities. You can meet up with other sober people virtually, too. But, there are also online social media groups designed specifically to connect people in recovery. Here, you’ll be surrounded by people who want to keep away from alcohol.

Sober Activities In Oklahoma

If you or a loved one is battling substance abuse, our professional staff can help you get on the right track. We look forward to encouraging you down the path to sobriety.

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