Geeta Naik Cooking Classes

About us

Crafting Delish Experiences

A collection of learning’s since 1993, the quality of knowledge given in these classes is beyond your expectations. Focusing mainly on the practical details and in depth theoretical notes, these classes are the one stop solution to your cooking and baking needs. Our students over the years have been successful entrepreneurs, running their own businesses and taking orders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread love and help spread love with delicious food. We want to teach the world how to heal by pleasing the stomach and also creating successful entrepreneurs who can build their own brands.

Our Vision

We know how to have a good time here—and we want you to have one, too. Our vision is to make all of our recipes as infallible as possible: So they’re perfect and easy for you to make.

More About Us

Our teachings include the A to Z for a budding entrepreneur. We provide extensive knowledge about Cake Baking, Cake Icing, Instant Mixes, Homemade Spices ( Masale ), Chocolates, Ice creams, Biryanis which are our BUSINESS ORIENTED COURSES & even learning different cuisines like Punjabi, Chinese, Moghlai, Starters, Italian, Mithai, etc. will lead you to A WORLD OF CATERING BUSINESS.

We have specialized in training MICROWAVE COOKING also. We feel helpless when we see/hear people using Microwave ovens only for reheating food. Actually, the microwave oven is like Allahuddin’s magic lamp. We teach you how to use this magic lamp for cooking. Using a microwave oven saves energy, fuel, time as well as unwanted quantity of oil in your food. It will also change your entire outlook towards cooking and you will feel fresh, healthy and happy.

Our Story

We operate from the comfort of our premises where our business-oriented approach works towards instilling the same in our students. When we first started these classes in 1993, we started out small. But over the past so many years, we have received so much love and support from our Students all over Maharashtra which helped us to grow fast.

Thank You Everybody!

Though we teach in MARATHI ONLY, We provide NOTES IN ENGLISH as well. With the help of very elaborated & expressive practical’s with very specific & perfect notes, we assure you that no student will have difficulty in learning & understanding the subject. We intend to keep growing and spreading the knowledge because that is our strength and we strive to provide the very best for our students. Today, we stand proud with a class menu of around 35 different types of courses and with shining examples of the output in the form of successful entrepreneurs and happy satisfied families.

"Cooking done with care is an act of love"

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